Event Review: Content Strategy to the Rescue!

InfoDevDC kicked-off their event season Tuesday night with Content Strategy to the Rescue! Opower hosted the event that featured a presentation by Theresa Rogers and an Oktoberfest-themed spread (a keg, brats, the whole shebang). It promised to outline how Opower built their knowledge management team and teach how to grow an effective, sustainable content strategy from the bottom up.

Opening Remarks

Not new to the game, InfoDevDC and their hosting counterparts were well prepared for the evening. As attendees rolled in, they had nametags, presentation-style seating, and food at the waiting. The room soon filled with professionals across all disciplines who had ample time to meet and network before taking their seats.

Becky Todd welcomed the bunch and thanked them all for attending. She opened the floor to anyone who wanted to share local job openings or upcoming events. After a few announcements, Todd handed the show over to Theresa Rogers for the feature presentation.


Rogers stepped towards the podium, took a deep breath, and led the audience on a journey. She would cover everything from who Opower was to why they needed a knowledge management team and every step they took along the way. Rogers outlined the insurmountable challenge the company faced. She shared the struggles of dreaming too big, searching for a scalable solution, and identifying the superheroes that would help make it all possible.

By not selling her audience short, Rogers immersed them into the process. We knew what software they used, what their procedures look like, and who was involved. She would even share company lingo (as Liz Herman proudly tweeted: “Now I know what a NUG is”). She left no stone unturned, and we all appreciated her for it.

There were a few hiccups in the evening. Stuttering slides, cellphone noises, and hallway disturbances all made an appearance. But Rogers did not let them stop her. She carried on, took a deep breath when necessary, and didn’t let it steal her thunder. Even when her brilliant unicorn joke went unappreciated (I got it Theresa), she took the opportunity to laugh at herself and bring that much more of her personality. She turned what could’ve been a dry, data driven presentation into a conversation as if to say: “I know what you all face. We faced it to. This is how we did it.”

You can find Roger’s slide deck here.


On a personal note, I had to drive an hour to get to this event (in Pope Week traffic no less). I would do it again in a heartbeat. This event was well-rounded and successful in every aspect. By cross-advertising between InfoDevDC, STC WDCB, and Content Strategy: DC, attendance was incredible. On top of that, Opower opened their doors and their home. They had representatives from a range of teams who stayed and mingled after the presentation. They even gave a tour of their offices.

All-in-all, great job to everyone involved. If this is a sign for what’s to come, I can’t wait to see what the next events bring!

About the Author
Greta Boller is a technical writer located in the Washington, D.C. area. For more information, please visit .


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