Best Advice: Don’t Write Every Day

When you’re a writer, either personally or professionally, there is one piece of advice everyone seems to dole out: write every day. Write on a schedule. Write like it’s your job. If you throw your creative juices at a dart board long enough, you’ll hit a bullseye. And I have to tell you, I have never found something to be less true.
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Following Playboy’s Example

Hugh Hefner

Playboy announced last week that their print publication will no longer feature images of nude women beginning next March. The announcement raised a stir across media outlets and avid readers alike, many alluding to the common punchline:

“No one reads Playboy for the articles.”

But, is that really true?
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The Class That Taught Me the Most About Technical Writing

For new and emerging technical writers, education is at the forefront of the conversation. What classes should I take? Who has the best master’s program? Should I get a technical writing certificate? What other certifications should I pursue?

Naturally, when looking at these questions, I start to evaluate my own technical writing education. What lessons do I carry with me every day? Where did I learn the most?
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Why I Bit the Bullet and Joined STC

When I graduated college, I was certain of two things: I wanted to be a technical writer, and I wanted to be successful at it. Naturally, this was going to take a lot of hard work. But I was certain that if I applied myself, I would learn and grow in my position over the natural course of time.
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