3 Ways You’re Measuring Technical Writing Wrong

Tape measure

In the technical writing world, defining performance is often difficult. For some, especially those under government contracts, service level agreements require that performance be measurable. These measurements can determine whether a writer is praised or docked based on performance. While there is no right answer for everyone, here are some suggestions for what not to measure.

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How to Create Templates

Plain and simple: offices should have a standard look and feel for their documents. This gives documentation a recognizable identity and communicates to the audience that what they’re reading is updated and relevant. Ideally, this is achieved by developing and maintaining templates for office use. These templates could be for memos, procedures, meeting minutes, or any other documentation. So if you’re starting from scratch, how do you put together templates that are useful?

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What Do You Put in a Glossary?

Office glossaries are goldmines for technical writers. Too often, when writing or editing documents, technical writers come across terms they just aren’t 100% sure about. So what can you do? Ask a subject matter expert to explain? Take an educated guess? If you’re lucky enough, the office has a glossary which identifies and defines office terms.

That’s all well and good, if the office has a glossary. And if it doesn’t? Write your own of course! But what goes into a glossary? Here’s a run down.
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Writing a Style Guide: Questions to Ask, Standards to Follow, and Rules to Make Up

Style manuals by https://www.flickr.com/photos/11435686@N03/

In order to create documents with a consistent look and feel, offices should have a style guide in place. So what is a technical writer to do when there is no official style guide? Write your own of course. This article will take you through the research and creation of an office-specific style guide.
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New on the Job? 5 Documents to Find Your First Week

dictionary entry for research

When entering a new position, there you have a limited amount of time to get a lot of information. The knowledge base you form within the first week will determine the first months on the job. It will also affect how well you perform your job and function in the office as a whole. So which documents should technical writers ask for when they walk in the door?
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