A Successful Technical Writer Is…

Recently, I was interviewed and asked what defines success as a technical writer. I mulled over the question for a bit, wrote a draft or two, and found myself completely stuck. Despite it being a goal of mine, I couldn’t put pen to paper. What does a successful technical writer look like? How can we define it?

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Why I Bit the Bullet and Joined STC

When I graduated college, I was certain of two things: I wanted to be a technical writer, and I wanted to be successful at it. Naturally, this was going to take a lot of hard work. But I was certain that if I applied myself, I would learn and grow in my position over the natural course of time.
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Event Review: Content Strategy to the Rescue!

InfoDevDC kicked-off their event season Tuesday night with Content Strategy to the Rescue! Opower hosted the event that featured a presentation by Theresa Rogers and an Oktoberfest-themed spread (a keg, brats, the whole shebang). It promised to outline how Opower built their knowledge management team and teach how to grow an effective, sustainable content strategy from the bottom up.

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The Ultimate List of #TechComm Resources

Here you are! My ultimate list of techcomm resources. See something I missed? Let me know in the comments! Based on your responses, I’ll be posting updates to add more of the people and sites you have to know if you’re going to be in the techcomm world.
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How I Became a #TechWriter

I had so much fun over the past few weeks reading and publishing the journeys of some talented D.C. technical writers. As a bonus, I’m publishing my story this week. Enjoy!

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