How I Manage 4 Jobs at Once

Those of you who know me personally know that I love to joke about how I have four jobs. Now let me be clear, I have a single employer, receive a single paycheck, and supposedly work a 40 hour week. Nonetheless, I have found myself with four bosses, at various locations, assigning me a multitude of different tasks. So how did I get here? And more importantly, how do I manage?
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Best Advice: Don’t Write Every Day

When you’re a writer, either personally or professionally, there is one piece of advice everyone seems to dole out: write every day. Write on a schedule. Write like it’s your job. If you throw your creative juices at a dart board long enough, you’ll hit a bullseye. And I have to tell you, I have never found something to be less true.
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Following Playboy’s Example

Hugh Hefner

Playboy announced last week that their print publication will no longer feature images of nude women beginning next March. The announcement raised a stir across media outlets and avid readers alike, many alluding to the common punchline:

“No one reads Playboy for the articles.”

But, is that really true?
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The Class That Taught Me the Most About Technical Writing

For new and emerging technical writers, education is at the forefront of the conversation. What classes should I take? Who has the best master’s program? Should I get a technical writing certificate? What other certifications should I pursue?

Naturally, when looking at these questions, I start to evaluate my own technical writing education. What lessons do I carry with me every day? Where did I learn the most?
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Event Review: Content Strategy to the Rescue!

InfoDevDC kicked-off their event season Tuesday night with Content Strategy to the Rescue! Opower hosted the event that featured a presentation by Theresa Rogers and an Oktoberfest-themed spread (a keg, brats, the whole shebang). It promised to outline how Opower built their knowledge management team and teach how to grow an effective, sustainable content strategy from the bottom up.

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