Unveiling the Mystery of Proposal Writing


capitol building

Any technical writer on the prowl for a new position will find dozens of positions for proposal writing. But proposals are a beast all their own. Some people love them. Others despise them. Few understand them until they get the experience. I’m hoping to dispel a bit of the mystery here and help maybe some of you decide whether proposal writing is right for you.

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6 Myths and Facts of Working from Home

home office desk

When it comes to technical writer positions, the ability to work from home is the perk of all perks. The positions are rare and the competition is fierce. But are these coveted positions all they’re cracked up to be? Over the past month, I’ve been working entirely form home. And now it’s time to bust some myths and lay down some facts about what these remote positions are all about.

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3 Ways You’re Measuring Technical Writing Wrong

Tape measure

In the technical writing world, defining performance is often difficult. For some, especially those under government contracts, service level agreements require that performance be measurable. These measurements can determine whether a writer is praised or docked based on performance. While there is no right answer for everyone, here are some suggestions for what not to measure.

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How I Manage 4 Jobs at Once

Those of you who know me personally know that I love to joke about how I have four jobs. Now let me be clear, I have a single employer, receive a single paycheck, and supposedly work a 40 hour week. Nonetheless, I have found myself with four bosses, at various locations, assigning me a multitude of different tasks. So how did I get here? And more importantly, how do I manage?
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Finding the Right Job Part 2: 5 Questions to Ask and the Wrong Answers They’ll Give

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Without scouring the internet for very long, you will find a million and one postings on how to land your dream job. Advice on how to fix your resume, what interview questions to expect, and what you should wear can be found anywhere. This two-part piece, however, is written to help you find your technical writing dream job and determine if your job prospect is a prince or a frog.

(Read part 1 here)

After reading part 1, you think you found the right position. You submit your resume, and they call! You answered their interview questions and now it’s time to ask your own. Do you know what you should ask, or, more importantly, what they shouldn’t say?

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