Let’s Tear Apart My Resume


In one of my previous positions, I helped people with their resumes. Even now, friends and family send me their resumes to look over. Most of them struggle to think of “impressive” things to say. Well here I am to tell you that you are impressive. And just to show you, I’m going to tear apart my own resume. I’ll show you how it appears on my resume. Then, I’ll tear it down to its literal meaning and explain why I reworded things the way I did. Hopefully it inspires you to look back at your resume with a tech writer eye.

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Best Advice: Don’t Write Every Day

When you’re a writer, either personally or professionally, there is one piece of advice everyone seems to dole out: write every day. Write on a schedule. Write like it’s your job. If you throw your creative juices at a dart board long enough, you’ll hit a bullseye. And I have to tell you, I have never found something to be less true.
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4 Principles of Writing


This post was written before the passing of William Zinsser.

William Zinsser said it best when he claimed the four principles of good English were “Clarity, Simplicity, Brevity, and Humanity.” The author of On Writing Well literally wrote the book on writing ideals, and broke the entire concept down to four simple words. As technical writers, it’s our job to write “good English.” So what do these four principles mean? And how can we apply them to our own writing?
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