The Worst Coworker Ever – Parts 5 and 6

I spend most of my time on this blog trying to give tips and tricks on how to improve as a technical writer. But at times, we simply need examples of what not to do. Today, we conclude the story of the worst technical writing coworker I’ve ever dealt with. Out of respect for those involved, names have been changed. Out of respect for you, everything else is told exactly as it occurred. The six-part series ends here.

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What Do You Put in a Glossary?

Office glossaries are goldmines for technical writers. Too often, when writing or editing documents, technical writers come across terms they just aren’t 100% sure about. So what can you do? Ask a subject matter expert to explain? Take an educated guess? If you’re lucky enough, the office has a glossary which identifies and defines office terms.

That’s all well and good, if the office has a glossary. And if it doesn’t? Write your own of course! But what goes into a glossary? Here’s a run down.
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